Project Management

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Our team of project managers have over 15 years of fit-out experience managing overseas and Middle Eastern projects successfully ensuring that the quality of build and materials is consistent with the design and that the final finish is always of the best quality.

Tukmachi Group project manager’s stick to a systematic process which has been fine tuned over the years; from the identification of resources required, scheduling, progress provisions, authority  relations, labor requirements through to final quality control, offering a complete Turnkey Service  effectively with delivery.

The viewpoint of Tukmachi Group is to fully encompass procedures, processes and provide constant support enabling a facilitated organizational approach to strategic planning, supporting our projects through to timely completion.

Planning & Control System

  1. Give a true picture of work progress
  2. Relates to schedule performance
  3. Identifies potential problems as to their sources
  4. Summary of information on a practical level
  5. Plan and schedule of work
  6. Establish labor requirements
  7. Identify management reserves
  8. Ability to track & monitors progress of all parameters.

An example of our workflow: